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This loser @theorangenerd nominated me and I accept the challenge. I nominate @nneka_thefirst @hersilia_ @dee3741 @reviewnaija @chiazinge and @lukenud83.

1) My full name is Noble Tochukwu Ezeala. I once had a conversation with someone that thought I was Noble Igwe. I knew but I just played along for laughs. 
2) I’m the last of three. Both my siblings are married so I’m kind of an only child right now. 
3) I’m extremely impulsive. Have to control myself when I want something cos 9 times out if 10 I’m getting it there and then. 
4) I can be shy when I first meet people but I make friends very fast. 
5) People never believe me but I’m a very quiet person. 
6) I can be alone for an entire weekend and be perfectly fine not talking to a single person. 
7) I don’t hold grudges. No matter what someone does to me, I’m furious for like a day but usually I’m over it way before. 
8) When I’m done with someone, I make every effort to keep them out of my life cos if we end up speaking, we’ll be friends again. 
9) I love my friends and usually find myself going out of my way for them. 
10) I love fashion and have always wanted to be a fashion designer but I’m not brave enough. 
11) I’ve never been in love. 
12) I hate when people are too extra. You must be lacking something fundamental in your life for you to be craving attention so much. 
13) I can spend money like there’s no tomorrow but once I’m down to my last pound, it can last for a year and I won’t touch it. 
14) I once fainted from doing an orange diet. It’s not wise to eat only oranges guys. 
15) I love television! I can’t think of a series I haven’t watched. 
16) I’m obsessed with reality tv but I can’t watch if the people on the show aren’t rich or ratchet (eg. I’ve never watched Big Brother). 
17) I watch Nollywood movies not because I like them but because they make me laugh. The weaves, accents, and wardrobe choices are comedic!
18) My first degree was in English Language and Literature but I hate reading. I never read anything that wasn’t for a class. 
19) I had the same five friends throughout my four years in university when I was in America. 
20) I hate when people type in shorthand. Plx is not please.

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